Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Baseball, Barbie, and Random Thoughts

The following conversation actually took place one night at our house:
News Anchor: "These are some of the stories we will be covering tonight on the news - First, a woman has a tantrum over an order of McNuggets.  Second, a middle school student starts an anti-cussing club.  And third, could it be the perfect bra?"
Jason Pappas: "Those are the stories they're going to have on the news?"
Gretchen Pappas (thinking, 'This is why I don't watch the news"): "Yep."
Jason Pappas (pumping fist): "U.S.A.!  U.S.A.!"

Allergy concoction update:  My allergies are starting to bother me at night - the vinegar/honey mixture  either a)has not kicked in yet, or b)is completely worthless, so I'm starting to take my medicine, which semi-works.  But when you are a little league team mom, scorekeeper, and snack-bar worker, you have to be outside, so you do what you can.

Speaking of little league, my self esteem took a major hit last week at a scrimmage game when I showed up wearing jeans, Ugg boots, and one of Jamey's giant sweatshirts (my goal was comfort - I had felt really sick earlier that day.  Plus it gets really cold at the field in the late afternoons).  Then a mom from the other team showed up.  She looks like Barbie.  Really.  She is just beautiful, and she is a really sweet person to boot, so you can't even dislike her.  She's really nice to everyone.  She was wearing a very fashionable coat-dress and high-heeled black boots.  I would take a picture so you could see how annoying it is to be in the same stands with someone so cute, but that might be considered stalking, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  It was okay until I heard one of Jason's teammates say, "Hey, is that ______'s mom?"  and the 11- and 12-year old boys stopped to gawk at her.  I just gave myself the little self-esteem pep talk that I give my students: "Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me..."  I'm actually doing fine, even though Jason told me recently that my Steelers' jersey makes me look fat.  He's probably just jealous because he doesn't have one.

"Sandy" update:  Jamey velcro-ed the little hula girl to the dash and has been driving 'her' around town.  Yesterday while he was parking downtown, an older man said to him, "Nice Rambler.  She purrs."  Oh, happy day!  
Countdown to Grace getting her driver's permit: about 7 months.  I mention this because she has emphatically vowed that she will NOT be driving Sandy.


Riley Gerbrandt said...

made me laugh today :D

Emily said...

I appreciate the honesty of this post, Gretchen! Joel had me read this post; I think he knew I would be able to relate. Meeting sweet and always put together women is never easy on my self-esteem either. Anyways, just wanted you to know that the honesty is really appreciated.