Friday, February 11, 2011

Some Women Buy Shoes....

I had a book on the waiting list at the local library and got a call that it had come in. The book is I Am Hutterite, by Mary-Ann Kirkby. A friend recommended it to me because I enjoy reading memoirs, particularly of people who have had interesting spiritual experiences. Besides, the cover says that it is both 'riveting' and 'fascinating'. Those words, to me, especially coming with the recommendation of a friend I trust, are like the words '75% off sale!' in a shoe store for some other women. I cannot resist, even if I don't need another book to read.
When I went inside to get the book, I was compelled to walk down a couple of aisles just to browse. And the photo above is what happened after that - 3 mysteries, the hilarious sequel to A Girl Named Zippy, a memoir about a couple who bought a farmhouse in France, a book about a girl in China....
Clearly I have a problem.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


One of the things that Jamey likes to do with our staff and interns is a weekly 'development' time, where we can discuss a skill or concept in-depth, and perhaps do some reading and / or thinking together. It is my turn to lead the discussion this time, and the topic is 'simplicity'. Basically, the goal is that, when you can view your things as gifts and blessings, you can be more content with what you have, and don't need to strive for more 'stuff'. The old, "do you own your possessions, or do they possess you?" question. The discipline of simplicity can be applied to not only material things, but also time and tasks. I think that my being in charge of this topic is, in literary terms, what I would call "ironic". I have posted a photo of our attic as proof, and to 1) keep me humble, and 2) illustrate my lack of expertise in the area of keeping things simple. Ahem.
I have taken the opportunity to re-read a couple of my favorite books: Richard Foster's Freedom Of Simplicity and Margin by Richard Swenson. Swenson's book is really good, but also ironic because, at the end of the final chapter, it contains a list of at least 50 things that you can do to simplify your life. Am I the only person who snickers about that?
And now, I must stop typing and go clean out my closet....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

I Gave Birth to a Cheesehead

The Packers are playing the Steelers tomorrow in the Super Bowl (in case you've been in a cave for the past 2 weeks).
Jason is a huge Packers fan, and I, his mom, am a life-long Steeler fan.
Our house is divided (except that I will be ok no matter what the outcome, because I love Aaron Rodgers).
We will be wearing among us: a Mean Joe Greene jersey, a Greg Jennings jersey, a terrible towel, and an authentic Green Bay Packer cheesehead.
Our Super Bowl Sunday fine dining will include a variety of Utz chips and Tastykakes, sent from Philadelphia by my cousin, who braved a large snowstorm to get to the UPS store.
How much Super Bowl coverage can one family watch? Much to Jamey's chagrin, we are at about 100 hours and counting....I'll let you know on Monday, when I'm watching the recap....or on Tuesday, when I'm watching the parade.