Thursday, November 19, 2009

Giving Thanks

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I've been thinking about "the Thankfulness Game", an activity I used to do with my kids when they were younger, but also something I do by myself whenever I find myself complaining too much (that means "often"). It's really good for us to reflect on all the things we can be thankful for - big, small, important, silly. A friend of mine just found out that her breast cancer is in remission (big!). Grace made it through the whole football season without a knee injury. Jason just got a "10 out of 9" on a math test (extra credit). Jamey and I had a wonderful, safe trip to El Salvador and back to visit our students, and my mom and dad were able (and willing) to come and be cooks and chauffers for the kids. This morning, about 15 ladies and I filled 60 boxes with food for needy families in our community, and there was enough food leftover for 10 more boxes. Jamey finally was able to get rid of the mole in the yard (yes, all of that damage was caused by one tiny rodent - impressive!). Grace has been driving around town for four weeks without incident. All kinds of things to make me grateful! And once you start playing the game, there's no end to the things you can come up with. We are sometimes so good at it that we can turn negatives into positives. No walnuts on the tree this year? At least I can buy a bag of them - already shelled, roasted and chopped, for my convenience. My son can't name one single thing he wants for Christmas? I am thankful he's not greedy! The house is really cold? Hey, no problem - we now have our choice of using the heater or the wood stove. The clear coat is coming off of our old Camry in a very unattractive pattern? Awesome! I really never worry about a tiny scratch on it - or that it might get stolen, for that matter. A recipe for stuffed acorn squash was deemed "gross" by the family? Woo hoo! No overeating for me! Perhaps my favorite: I found several gray hairs the other day , but I am thankful because my blonde hair makes them less noticeable, and because the gray ones are much thicker than the otherwise baby-fine blondies. See how good this can make you feel? Amazing! You might want to start keeping a list for yourself. It can make you feel humble and good, and grateful. And remind us all of why we celebrate Thanksgiving. Have a wonderful one!!

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Megan said...

What a great game Gretchen! I love it!