Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vroom Vroom!

Well, today is a glorious day for us. Particularly for Grace Pappas, age 16, and for me, her mom and former chauffer. That's right, Grace Ann got her driver's license today! First of all, I would like to applaud the stoic older man whose job it is to take kids out on their driver's tests. Whatever he gets paid, let me tell you, it is not enough. Second, for all of you who are wondering if I am scared, anxious, etc: Of course I am! Feel free to pray for us whenever you think of it. But I am mostly excited because in my head I am imagining conversations such as the following:
Grace: "Mom, we're out of chocolate soy milk!" (yes, I'm so sorry, my dairy-farming family, my daughter prefers soy milk. I swear I did not teach her this!)
Me: "Here's some money - go get some!!"
Or -
Grace: "Hey Mom, it's time for me to go to cheer practice!"
Me: "Here are the keys. Drop your brother off at the baseball field on your way, please."
I am really looking forward to not driving to the movie theater, to the Pismo Beach outlets, and especially to Forever 21. Now I will have more time to go to the places I like. Mainly, home, Farm Supply, and Miner's Hardware and Garden. A glorious day, indeed!

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