Wednesday, June 30, 2010

First Fruits

We are happily harvesting the first plums and apricots off of our trees. It's been a crazy and drama-filled couple of weeks. In the past fourteen days we have:
Been to Tucson and back to get a dream car from Grandpa (Grace and Jamey; a 76 vw bug)
Discovered that there is no way we can register the car in California, even after hours on the phone and internet, exploring all possible scenarios (Jamey) and mourned the loss (all of us)
Been beaned in the arm for the first time in a baseball game (Jason - approx. speed 80 mph)
Had wisdom teeth removed (Grace) and subsequently watched 7 movies
Been to LA and back in a day to get a part for the old station wagon (Jamey)
Gotten 2 squirrels, 3 mice, and 1 big fat ground squirrel in the ongoing war against critters (Gretchen and Jamey and Max the dog)
Been in yet another fight with the black mystery feline (Sadie the cat)
Alas, died (Jemima the chicken. Rest in peace.)
The garden and orchard provide a few moments of escape from 'life', but to really get away, we are heading for our favorite spot in Big Sur tomorrow for a couple of days. If you have never been, you should google it and just look at the pictures. Amazing. Keep an eye out for Sand Dollar State Beach and Plasket Creek Campground.....that's where we will be!

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