Sunday, July 18, 2010

10 new things we are learning about el salvador

1. When an elevator says "holds 10", it means 10. Try to put in, say, 13 students, 1 intern, 1 mom and 1 daughter, for example, and you will get stuck!
2. When a minivan (called a "micro" here) says it's a 10-passenger van, now that is just a suggestion. You can stuff up to 14 or so people in one of these.
3. To young Salvadorean girls, Jason Pappas in a baseball hat and sunglasses bears a striking resemblance to teen pop sensation Justin Bieber (see picture above). This could possibly be the highlight of his trip.
4. Barbecued rabbit might just be better than barbecued beef at some food festivals.
5. It is possible to find bread, juice, and peanut butter without 'ickies' (i.e. chemicals) in El Salvador, much to the delight of Grace Pappas.
6. When you run on a treadmill and impress yourself with the distance, it is good to remember that it may just be because the treadmill is calibrated in kilometers, not miles.
7. The jungle in El Salvador is amazing and beautiful (see picture above), even when wet from an afternoon thundershower.
8. Coke zero is everywhere.
9. Washing machines are not (we are spoiled).
10. The people of El Salvador are some of the most friendly, patient, and helpful people on the entire planet.

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Greg said...

I know what you mean about the micro vans. When Hannah and I were in the Dominican, we squeezed 19 people into one. Three of us were sitting on an ice chest by the sliding door which they just left open! I think we were only half full because no one was riding on the roof or back bumper.