Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Observations From My Second Half Marathon

I ran my second City-To-The-Sea Half Marathon this past weekend. Here are some things I observed:
1. It is much better to run with a friend than to run alone (eternal thanks to my great friend Jennifer, who trained and ran along with me, and drove us to the starting line in her shiny red Mustang)
2. Not all really old people are very slow
3. When you feel like you need new running shoes, you should probably get them, instead of trying to save money by just getting gel insoles (5 blisters taught me this - 3 on one toe)
4. "Whammy" by the B52s sets a great running pace
5. Energy 'Gu' tastes horrible and doesn't seem to work very well, although the jury is still out on that one
6. When you find yourself behind a really large, sweaty man, it's a good thing to pass him no matter how much it makes your legs burn
7. Running a half marathon must be a little like having a baby - afterwards, you just remember the good parts, and not the pain or the fact that there were way more hills than you remember from the first time
8. Girls should run in pink as much as possible - it will make you feel cute even if you are sweaty and stinky
9. The best parts of any race are 1) the finish line, and 2) carbo-loading on butternut squash ravioli the night before
10. Being able to run along orchards, farms, and an ocean view is amazing and might just make you want to do it again

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