Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring On The Central Coast

"Why we love it here so much", or -
"Why you should come and visit us", or -
"Another reason I consider myself a very spoiled person"

Did I mention that as I took this photo it was about 65 degrees and the air smelled salty and clean?
Or that I took this photo when I was on a hike at Montana de Oro State Park?
Did you know that they have a great campground there? And a beautiful old ranger station? And about a million raccoons?

Well, 'great campground' to us means no noise, no frills (i.e. toilets that flush, sinks, etc), but a nice flat spot and a big fire pit (we are rather into fire).

Just thought I would send out an invitation to come to our neck of the woods (or rub it in, depending on your viewpoint).

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