Sunday, September 18, 2011

5 Signs of Fall In the Neighborhood:

5. A flock of turkeys will dart across the road in front of my car as I am driving down El Camino Real, speed limit 55 MPH (only once has someone in the family actually run over a turkey. Possums and squirrels are another story. It's slightly alarming the amount of road kill in this area).
4. Jamey and I, along with about 100 students, hand out 2500 freshman survival kits to incoming Cal Poly freshmen in about 3 hours. Whew! This year the kits included (besides a Bible, book, and dvd) a pair of really cool sunglasses, and it is great fun for us to see students wearing them all over town and campus.
3. I drive to Bakersfield and back (or Fresno...or Salinas...) on a Friday night to watch a high school football game, and because it ends after 9 p.m., we are forced to eat our dinner at some nasty fast food place (last night, though, I must admit that Grace and I thoroughly enjoyed our Taco Bell meal. I hope I never find out what is really inside a cheesy gordita crunch to make it taste so good).
2. Jason and I spend a Sunday afternoon simultaneously watching football on TV and baseball on the computer (he wears a Packers jersey, I wave my terrible towel).
1. The annual assault on our English walnut tree by every squirrel within a one-mile radius of our house begins. This year I am READY. About a month ago, Jamey walked in the front door with a long, thin box. "Long-stemmed roses?" some women might wonder. But myself, having this 'thing' for Annie Oakley, knew instantly what my husband was bringing me. My heart went pitter patter. "YESSSSSS! A new BB gun!!!!" Oh, it is beautiful! And, best of all, this one has a scope. With crosshairs! So, to all of those flea-laden walnut-stealing varmints, I say BRING IT ON!! My faithful sentry Max-the-dog and I are ready!

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