Wednesday, April 25, 2012

T-Shirt Weather

Under the category "Global Warming Messes With Our Weather", we've been going from winter to summer and back again the last few weeks.  One person in the family threatened to write a letter to "The Weather People" and tell them to make up their minds so we know what to wear in the morning.  (I won't say who, but if you know us, you know the one who cares about what she wears and always looks cute and put-together, unlike her brother, who I really think would wear the same thing every day if possible, washed or not).
Last week, I drove Jason and his friend Deven down to SLO to go to youth group, but we ended up having about a 45 minute time in between dinner and drop-off, so I 'made' the boys go with me to look for an Ipad cover (I have been saving up for one, and my dad, once again, spoiled me by purchasing it for me.  I guess it's true - dads never stop giving gifts to their daughters.  Thanks again, Dad!).  The boys surprised me by being excited to go into Ross to 'look for cool stuff'.  Sadly, the only Ipad covers available were black with neon accents (too much like high school, I've already lived through the neon phase once, and I refuse to do it again).
However, the boys did find two "Swag" t-shirts that they talked me into buying for them so they could wear them to youth group and be funny (for those of you who don't know, "swag", according to the Urban Dictionary, is "a term used by cool kids to measure coolness and swagger.  It cannot be explained.  You either have it or you don't").
So, in the photo here, we have two boys with swag.  Each is being very much himself, which is what I love about it.  One tries to look as debonair as possible at all times, and the other couldn't take a normal photo if his life depended on it.  This is as classic as it gets!


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Tees are always the part of youngsters life, I think there is no specific weather for Tees.

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Pappas fam said...

So true! Especially here on the central coast and on these boys!