Friday, September 12, 2014

Puppy Update...or, "Pupdate"

We are trying not to let our lives revolve around the puppy.  After all, Jason has started his senior (what the..?!) year of high school, Grace's roommates are trickling back into SLO after the summer, and we have the looming upcoming fall quarter to plan for.  But what with puppy school, crate training, other training (for example, "don't sit on the chickens"), etc, it does take up quite a bit of attention from all of us.  We've probably been learning almost as much about Reddick and puppy-ownership as he has been about life here in Garden Farms.  Here are some of our most astute observations:
1. When dogs go to the beach, the smellier they become, the more fun they are having.
2. Coconut dog shampoo is amazing at eliminating gross beach smells.
3. Nothing takes away the foul smell of the 'bacon and cheese stuffed hoof' breath after your puppy has been chewing on one for two hours.  It just wears off over time.  Hopefully.
4. There are waaaaay too many toys for sale at Petco, so don't be sucked into buying all of them, even if they are in the 50% off bin.  Although Reddick loves the frisbee, soccer ball, and stuffed squirrel, his favorite toys are things he found in the yard, like "stick", "root", "bark", "someone's old tennis ball", and "really old bone from some other dog".
5. Speaking of Petco, you can actually sample the doggy treats at the self-serve dog treat bar.  Jamey highly recommends the pink ones with peanut butter filling (we were assured that they are the same recipe as people cookies, except without sugar).
6.  I think I understand why it is called "House breaking". Glad we have mostly wood floors!
7.  Puppy teeth can actually poke through denim, even on accident.
8.  Puppies have a weird love for feet, shoes (especially leather ones!) and shoelaces.
9.  Puppies love low-hanging grapes.  Not only are they delicious, but getting to the grapes is like a game for them.
10.  In fact, puppies try to eat everything.  For example: shoes, hammocks, a rose bush (that one smarted!), anything made of wood, moths, toilet paper, his own collar and leash.
OK, I feel like I should stop talking about the puppy now and get on with other things.  But he's so darn cute....

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