Monday, June 16, 2008

Glorious Summer

Hooray!  Summer is here - and best of all, we've already completed our tenth annual family camping trip to Plaskett Creek.  90's at home, foggy and 60's at Sanddollar State Beach (with good surfing).  In true Jamey Pappas style, we pulled into our camp spot and discovered that there were about 8 Cal Poly Crusade alums camping around us in various places.  The man can't go anywhere without meeting someone he knows.  Activities: laying out (Grace), surfing and mountain biking (Jamey), reading (Gretchen), skimboarding (Jason), grilling the best tri-tip (Jamey), cooking spaghetti in a frying pan because we forgot the pot (Gretchen), walking the dog (Grace), making and playing in fires (Jason), rolling in dirt (Max the dog), playing Yahtzee (everyone).  We also busted out the spooky campfire story book and read about 'Red Man' and other creepy things. 
Back at home now, we are filling the hours with work and play, glad for the time away from our 'other jobs'.   


Katy Fults said...

Yahoo Pappas fam! I'll link your blog to mine so I can check it out more often. :) LOVE YOU.

Megan said...

So glad you have a blog. We think of you guys often, and pray for you, but it is so fun to be able to read about your comings and goings!
The Seagers!