Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Cat's Big Adventure

Howdy - my name is Hunter and I live in the Pappas' garage.  I'm an orange tabby cat and yes, I really was born in a barn.  My favorite pastimes are sleeping, dozing, napping, lying in the sun, and sometimes catching moles, which I stash behind the stack of surfboards in the garage.  A couple of weeks ago I rumbled with a raccoon over the cat food (no longer stored in the garage) and got a, well, we'll call it an "owie" back towards my tail on the right side.  No matter how much I licked that thing, it would not come off, and believe me, I tried and tried.  Now, I like Gretchen okay - she feeds me most every morning - so I was all right with her putting peroxide on my hind end and smearing my owie with Neosporin ointment (which I promptly licked right off), but I reached my limit when she put me into that crate and took me to the vet.  How humiliating - I got my behind shaved and was shackled with a 'collar' and was forced to stay inside the Pappas' prison....I mean, house.  It was okay during the day.  I actually enjoy napping on the couch.  But at night?  Trapped inside?  That's where I draw the line.  But I sure got them back - I yowled and yowled all night long (I can be both loud and persistent!)  and peed right on the floor in the kitchen (more than once!).  After one more day of being inside,  I thought I heard Gretchen muttering something about "not caring if that cat lives or dies" and sweet freedom was mine!  Ah, I am back outside on patrol (when I'm awake) and my owie is finally all better.  It's great to be a cat.

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Anonymous said...

this story is HILARIOUS.
where are the pictures of YOU surfing??