Friday, August 1, 2008

Things to be thankful for today:
I got to take my dog for a 3-mile run this morning
Most of my legs didn't hurt afterwards
Our house is clean
....especially our claw-foot tub ('Kaboom' is good stuff!)
Jamey fixed all of the dents in a bumper today - 
the body work on the Rambler is almost done
We ate some great yellow tomatoes from our garden
....with zucchini, of course
Jason went to the Mid-State Fair today
We still have some pie from Jamey's birthday
Grace and Jamey went to the drive-in
I got the Klingenbergs to take a zucchini
A nice cold Coke Zero
I got to stay home and watch baseball!!!
Even though it was hot inside today, it will get into the 50's here tonight
We have great friends and neighbors

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