Sunday, August 3, 2008

How We Are Doing On Our Summer 'To Do' List...

Here are Jamey and Grace working on the Rambler.....aaah, what a great bonding experience. This project is going well because a) it is about an hour's work away from the paint job, and b) we bought a canvas 'garage' for it so it can be zipped inside and completely hidden from view (not quite as white-trashy.  Hooray!).    

And, a highlight of my summer, here we are at Camden Yards for the Orioles-Blue Jays game (which the O's actually won!!!).  That brings J's and my summer total to 3 baseball games and one more major-league park (that total is now 7) with the possibility of an A's game and a Dodger game yet to come.  Woo hoo!

The gophers are staying away from the cantelope, which is great (Neighbor Chuck's got eaten, unfortunately.  He went to pick them and discovered that they were hollow - the little boogers tunneled up underneath and ate out the inside!).  We ate the first last night and picked another 'cute little cantelope' this morning.  And we are starting to get some really good tomatoes.  As a bonus, I asked my Aunt Virginia how she cans hers when we were back east and she explained the process to me, so hopefully I'll get some tomatoes canned to use later this fall.

No new grass planted yet, but we have an excellent reason - we haven't been home enough to water it (the new seed must be watered a few times a day).  So this project will get started after we get back from beach camping next week.  And then we will have a great wiffle-ball field / soccer field / football field in the backyard.  Hooray!

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Scott Fults said...

Are you painting the car????
one word.....awesome!!!!!!