Sunday, August 3, 2008

Guess where we went?

As you can see, we made a stop outside the US Capitol building on our way around Washington DC.  Despite the heat and humidity, we managed to log about 5 miles as we went from cool site to cool site.  Favorites: National Archives (Declaration of Independence), the war memorials around the Mall, and the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.  And Monticello (in Virginia - we drove).
And below you can see the plethora of delicious food that was my family reunion (I might add, this is just the salads....the meat wasn't yet present, and desserts were on a different table).  We had family members from age 83 down to 18 months (about 60 total) playing volleyball, cards, croquet, target shooting (Jason is quite a marksman with a shotgun and a water balloon launcher!), exchanging facebook and cell phone info (that would be Grace's crowd), and telling great stories.  My aunt even arranged for each family unit to have their own color T shirt (ours are jade green, as you can see from Jason's modeling).  All 8 of my mom's siblings were together and it was wonderful in every way.  Wish we could host the next one - everyone would go home with a big zucchini!

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The Pray Family said...

hey pappas family! this is carly pray (formerly carly poole) and i hopped over to your blog via the seager fam... anyway wanted to let you know that i was reading some of your posts and laughing out loud! the one about the cat was killing me. anyway happy to peek in on your life and keep up the great blogging :)