Saturday, March 27, 2010

Benefits of A Rainy Winter

It was a very rainy winter. One week in February this year, we got almost 12 inches of rain. My favorite running route is still closed off because of standing water. Our old house has leaked in two different places. The floor just inside the back door was constantly muddy. The creek was way up and the dog was bored.
But as you can see from the above photo (from our local NBC website, we are currently enjoying the benefits of all that water. We've never seen such flowers - from the bulbs and blossoms in our own yard to the wildflowers in abundance on the hills. I have at this very moment 22 tulips and 10 irises in various vases around the house. Amazing!!
All of this means: it's gardening season!! Planted so far: onions, artichokes. We will keep you posted.....

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