Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Green Eggs....and Chicken

Oh, the dilemma: we were all mentally prepared to place an ad offering "seven retired non-laying hens, free" on Craig's List, since we hadn't seen an egg since about July (I had to start buying them at the grocery store again....unacceptable!). We had toyed with the idea of butchering them ourselves (messy, gross, and I'm not going to pluck the things) but were warned that old chickens are way too tough to cook any other way except 'boiling the dickens out of them', as one of my neighbors suggested. Then, just when we were ready to go online and type up the add, I found the above beautiful greeny-blue egg in the box. I have found several since then. Actually, someone has been laying enough for our family (8 or so per week) so we are granting the girls a temporary stay of execution.
I guess this means I will not yet be getting a miniature cow or donkey that I've had my eye on....

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